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Great Streets is off to a bumpy start because of lazy articles like this one and fearful citizens. Providence isn't the first city to reduce traffic lanes and add bike lanes. In fact, it's one of the last on the east coast and it's a serious problem given the poor transportation options here.

All that the author and other opponents need to do is simply read about what has happened in other east coast cities who have installed the same sorts of bike lanes and reduced traffic lanes: no lasting harm to businesses, no substantial increase in traffic, and an increase in bicycle traffic. In Manhattan they have reduced traffic lanes and added two-way bike lanes on many major avenues including Broadway leading right into Times Square. Like in PVD there was initial concern, and then after a year of them being up and running, that concern subsided and everyone who doesn't use the bike lanes essentially ignores them.

The fear is real here, but it isn't based on reality. Let's let the city planners do their jobs and let' move Providence into a brighter more pedestrian-friendly future rather than treating the city like it's a 1990's suburban strip mall.

From: OP-ED: Great Streets Off to a Bumpy Start

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