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As someone born and raised in Providence with the majority of my working life ahead of me, I find the views expressed here on parking and bike lanes to be both preposterously shortsighted and ignorant of our city's history. At the peak population of 250k the vast majority did not own cars and could go about their daily lives on foot and by using public transit. In the midst of today's unprecedented housing crisis we already have car infrastructure (gas stations, car washes, surface lots, garages) chewing up space that could be more homes. The city and state's economy simply will not grow without places for people to live, but it can grow without places to park.

The authors' generation has had their time and their say in the development of Providence. The new Comprehensive Plan needs to offer a practical vision for moving beyond the car centric era that has wrought the climate change that threatens South Water Street's very existence.

There won't be any parking when the water rises.

From: OP-ED: Memo to Our New “Quality of Life” Mayor

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