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I agree completely with every comment and observation here. What makes all this even more incredible is the fact that Boston, a few miles north, is thriving, with new buildings popping up all the time. In Providence, we still have grass (or sunflowers!) growing on vacant fields years after 195 was moved. It's really unbelievable. I think PVD is dying. The mayor has few options really to keep funding things, but you know it's bad when one option is to try to squeeze more money out of the colleges or hospitals (without them, the city would be 100% dead... tumbleweeds rolling through the streets... we should be sending them fruit baskets of thanks every month for not moving out of the city). And, as an aside, I agree with your comment on South Water street. It's a disaster. As expected, the bike lanes are nice debris fields, real eyesores, let alone the traffic safety implications. We should build bike lanes once people start moving into the city, which won't happen anytime soon until we can take care of what we have, rather than build more things to maintain.

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