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Where Fitness Meets Fashion

Meet Alyssa Agostini, athlete and fashionista


Describe your outfit?
I am wearing a Rock & Republic cocktail dress, a Banana Republic blazer and Chinese Laundry pumps for a look that is classy, young and flirty. My style is based on fit, dis-tinctive design and quality, and how unique or edgy the trend is.

How would you define your style?
Chic, edgy, trendy and ever evolving. I always look to something new or different, but I also go for a classy, contemporary look. I like to take risks when it comes to style; something that reflects confidence and sophistication, but is fun and creative at the same time. I am able to reflect numerous types of styles by pairing an edgy dress with a chic blazer and cute, flirty pumps, or pair a simple black dress with bold, colorful statement jewelry.

Tell me about your new athlete status.
I am a World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Professional Diva Fitness Model and Competitor. As a professional athlete, I compete internationally against some of the most famous female fitness models in the industry. Most recently, I represented Rhode Island in the WBFF World Championship in Las Vegas in August.

How do you combine fitness and fashion?
I lead an active lifestyle and want to express my inner self through fashion by looking and feeling great while working out. I'm passionate about fitness fashion; I want it to be functional while working out and stylish at the same time. Clothing can influence performance by creating positive energy and motivating you to work out.

How do you maintain your femininity while sculpting your body?
I think that it is how you carry yourself. I have always been an athlete, but never lost my girl-ish behavior. I believe this is where fashion and fitness meet. My sense of style shows my femininity, and my training shows my dedication and passion to the sport and to my body. If I can motivate a handful of people each day by sharing my journey, recipes and tips, then I am happy.