Set Sail Aboard the Providence-Newport Ferry

Leave your keys and worries behind on the Seastreak Providence-Newport Ferry

Skip the traffic and tolls for a scenic bay cruise between RI's two biggest cities.

Around Town

Get Your Geek on at TempleCon

For gaming fanatics, there is no better place to be than at a convention packed with all their favorite titles.


A VIP Tour of Rhode Island’s Only Natural History Museum

Join us as we geek out over a world of wonders in Roger Williams Park

Cover Story

Exploring the Workspaces That Put "Creative" in Creative Capital

Peek your head out of your cube and see how some of Providence's creative talent is doing that 9-5 thing

Dining Guide

Wear Your Dinner

Dress for the occasion with fun, food-inspired clothing

Dining Guide

Live Music and More at Rhody Eateries

When you choose a restaurant with live entertainment for your night out, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Check out this list of must-hear places.

The Look

The Look: Latha Sivaprasad, MD

Latha Sivaprasad, MD is a doctor by day, fashionista by night

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Cover Story

The PVD Food Truck Boom

Dig into the city's delicious obsession with food trucks, the start-up disruptors of the restaurant industry.

Summer Preview – Cooler Because It's Warmer

20 Reasons To Love Summer in PVD

Free concerts, festivals, old favorites and new arrivals, here are the 20 reasons why this will be the best summer ever