The Heart of Providence

20 things we love about our city (especially in winter!)

Who to Watch 2020

Meet the movers, shakers, and change-makers with big plans for the city

A Martini, But Make it Diamonds

The best cocktails – at least at The Capital Grille – come with a side of sparkle


Sparkle & Shine

Loren Hope Designs

Influencer: Karen Beebe

Boutique Owner of Queen of Hearts and Modern Love

Eternal Love

Gina Caramadre transforms flowers into beads, preserving favorite moments for a lifetime

In the Kitchen

Where the River Meets the Sea

How the wending career of Agil Nadirov led to a trendy Mediterranean restaurant

Food Experience

As the Romans Do

Roma Capoccia brings Italian street food to Fox Point

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A Good Laugh

Laughter Yoga may sound funny, but its health benefits in Providence are very serious

In the Kitchen

The Patron Saint of Pastry

LaSalle Bakery cooks up the St. Joseph’s Day treat