Now Hiring

An influx of new tech companies setting up shop in the city means hundreds of jobs – and a place for Providence on the innovation map

Cover Story

21 Things to Do With Your Kids in Providence... Before They Grow Up

From ice skating to cinema to getting hands on with science


The Art of Science

RISD’s Nature Lab continues its founder’s mission to find beauty and design in the natural world

Get Fit

Squash for the People

A unique trio of partners launches a sports revolution on the East Side


Divine Inspiration

Painter Savonnara Alexander Sok draws on Buddhism, family, and street art


Don’t Touch That Dial

Local voices are reclaiming a place on the FM airwaves


Hop to It

Bayberry brings an iconic German experience to Providence

On Stage

Art Imitates Life

Two innovative theaters are trading the stage for the Cable Car and Lippitt House


Party Like It’s 1929

Providence Preservation Society’s Winter Bash celebrates 15 years with a speakeasy soiree

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Lofty Style Goals

Inside a Calender Mills loft that blends old and new

Food News

The New Friskie Fries Is Out of the Bag

Two storefronts, two food trucks, and topped fries galore

Award-Winning Rhode Island Stories

Read the stories that took home top honors at this year's Rhode Island Press Association Awards