The Right Fit

Getting ready for fall with a local DJ


Tell me about yourself.
By day I’m a computer engineer working on real-time control systems and by night I’m a club DJ in the Providence area. In my free time I love to socialize with friends, explore new restaurants, work on nerdy software projects and hang out in Fox Point (my neighborhood).

Tell me about this look.
The pullover sweater is one of my favorite things to wear once the weather gets cold. I also like to wear a lot of earth tones in the fall. I love that this look is put together and neat from the waist up and extremely casual from the waist down. It’s a good example of the two different “hats” I wear in life and I would consider it very me.

How would you describe your personal style?
I like to wear clothes that fit: not too tight, but not too loose. I wear a lot of t-shirts and really strive to find unique shirts that fit my personality. When it comes to shoes, I’m extremely picky. If they’re sneakers, they have to be high tops. I like to buy shoes that aren’t easily recognizable (no logos). It’s always funny to catch dudes looking at your shoes trying to figure out what brand they are.

What is the major difference between what you wear day-to-day and what you wear when you DJ?
For work, I’m required to wear business casual attire, so I’m in slacks and pullover polos. I enjoy dressing up, but I’d rather do it on my own terms. When I DJ, I wear outfits that are comfortable and fun – no one likes a boring DJ! Also, they’ve got to be breathable because it gets hot. Sometimes I’ll dress up jeans with a button up and a skinny tie, while other times I’ll just rock a t-shirt.

What style trends are you seeing in the Providence club scene that you love?
I wouldn’t say these trends are limited to the Providence club scene, but I’m definitely a big fan of skinny colored jeans. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing them (mostly ladies, but some guys) and I think they are fun. This includes ombre colored jeans as well: very cool.

Any trends you hate?
It seems like ugly, gaudy shirts are getting pretty popular: think black and orange button up, made out of silk with a repeating eyeball pattern. I can dig some of those shirts, but most really push the limit and I’d have to pass.

What is your favorite hangout in Fox Point?
Cafe Zog for a quick bite and chai (and bringing my laptop to do some work). For outdoors, it obviously has to be India Point Park. For music, Olympic Records.