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The Look: Olivia Rodrigues

The personal stylist on style advice, shopping local and the perfect pair of jeans


I have always been drawn to pieces and accessories with character; the pull is instant and magnetic. When I’m working on a photo shoot or driving around the city pulling clothes, you’ll most likely find me in a regular tee or denim shirt over a pair of jeans, and I usually let my shoes and accessories, like this necktie from Lillian Astorfield be the star of the show. I love denim so much I could wear it seven days a week, 365 days a year, and have fun styling it in many different ways.

Cultivating personal style is about fully understanding where you are in your life in terms of lifestyle and personal goals, while enjoying dressing for the person you are now. It’s also accepting that bodies evolve, personal stories evolve and so does personal style.

I’ve learned from my closet sessions with clients that many of us think playing dress up is only for kids. You’d be surprised by how many outfits you can re-create when you play dress up with your own closet. Spend some time moving clothes from the back to the front, and rotate items frequently can make dressing up in the morning a bit more interesting and refreshing. To have the best wardrobe and greatest personal style do not necessarily mean buying new things all the time. Accessories are your best friends. It really comes down to tapping into your creativity and feeling good about what you wear.

My career as a stylist came about organically and my work continues to carry that organic flair. The Lady Project has been a wonderful source for networking and collaborations. I love Providence – there are truly unique opportunities here. We may not be a luxury city but we have luxurious tendencies; we value quality over quantity and are conscious consumers. As a stylist and an entrepreneur, it’s something I keep in mind, and rather than seeing it as a limitation, I see it as a motivator. My father used to say to me, “Olivia, vas-y tout doucement and continue. Si c’était facil, tout le monde serait entrain de le faire.” Which meant “Olivia, move steadily and keep at it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”
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