The Look

The Look: Michelle Marchetti

"On the road, it’s all about interchanging staple pieces and making a little go a long way."


How would you describe your personal style?
Fashion and function play equal roles in my style. I can get ready in the morning thinking I’ve got a five-hour workday ahead of me, and that can turn into 14 hours at the drop of a hat.

I’m wearing some of my favorite items in this picture. The tutu is from Free People.  I’ll probably keep it even when the tulle ends up totally shredded. The white tank top is from a line called Witch that my dear friend (and Providence resident) Emily Shaw owns. She’s incredible at making pieces that make me feel sexy and still comfortable. My mom made the jade necklace for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. She had never made jewelry before and surprised me with it.

You must be around lots of Brown students. How would you describe their style?
The Brown students are so funny in their style choices. During the school year, they roll into the station in variations of pajamas and Brown garb. As soon as classes let out, they all start showing up like they’ll be heading directly to Coachella. So many bright colors, crop-tops, Wayfarers and flower crowns. I get it. They finally have a minute to dedicate to something besides their homework. They’ve gotta go hard while they can. 

Where did you get your tattoos done?
I have way more tattoos than I ever intended on getting, and I’m still not done. Michael Brousseau at Hope Street Tattoo in Providence did nearly all of them. Each piece I have is representative of a different moment in my life, and he is so great at hearing my ideas and taking them an extra step further to make an incredible piece of art. The one on my arm here is a bird made up of different flowers that I rough-sketched a year and a half ago. Mike did a really nice job capturing what I was going for. 

You also have a side hustle as a tour manager. How does your style change when you’re on the road?
On the road, it’s all about interchanging staple pieces and making a little go a long way. I just got back from a run with Last Good Tooth and Bombino, and I had to make a backpack’s worth of items last the whole tour. I look like such a dirtball between cities and then try to pull it together for show time by putting on a skirt and lipstick, and stuffing my crazy (and likely dirty) hair under a hat.