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The Look: Ignacio Quiles

This stylist, creative director and national influencer moved to Providence after a RISD art exhibition


"I’m originally from New York. I came to Providence as part of an exhibit, Artist Rebel Dandy, at the RISD Museum. It was about men and their particular love of the art form of dressing up. I started visiting, and made good friends up here. Everyone convinced me that this would be a great place to be.

My mom was a seamstress, so I’ve always been into clothing and been aware of how people should dress. When I was a kid, I would buy something, and someone would buy it off me. I’d go to the thrift stores, and I’d buy things and fix them. The holy trinity is a good cobbler, and good tailor and a good barber. The rest will take care of itself.

I got involved with OpenDoors RI (a program that supports the formerly incarcerated with things like job placement), helping men dress for interviews. I always say wear what you enjoy, and go out and show the world what you’re made of. Just because you wear a suit, it doesn’t change you. You have to change, too. You can’t go back and fix a first impression later. If you’re interviewing for a janitor’s job, you should dress up. You need to go in there with the attitude of being the best you you can be. You might want to own that company one day. If I do my part, hopefully the rest will come. If I can help one person, I consider that a win.

I’m in Nordstrom’s spring 2017 campaign. We shot it out in LA. It was fun: I got to wear funky clothes. I’m pretty basic. I’m a shirt and tie kind of guy. I like a good fit. I tell people all the time - when you go out, it’s okay to make mistakes. I’ve worn the wrong thing many times. It’s a long sartorial journey and you have to take your time." Instagram @SartorialPairings