Fall Guide

Take Your Pick

The tastiest apple is the one you pick yourself at these open-source orchards


There’s a lot to be said for supporting your local farm. But apple-picking is also a timeless delight, a chance for families to spend afternoons outside, plucking the very fruit on which they will eventually munch. Rural Rhode Island is packed with farms, and orchards explode with fruit throughout September and October. If you don’t know the difference between a Golden Delicious and a Granny Smith, farmers are only too happy to describe their distinctions, as well as the scores of other varieties that grow in these parts. Note: Many orchards are only open on weekends or have irregular schedules, so it’s wise to call ahead.

Pippin Orchard
Pick your apples from a 17-acre orchard. While you’re at it, take a tour, pick up some fresh produce, and treat yourself to a homemade donut. Cranston

Barden Family Orchard
Visitors can pick apples – and myriad other fruits throughout the year – on this 90-year-old family farm. You can also visit the produce stand for autumnal goodies. Scituate 

Dame Farm & Orchards
The Dames have been harvesting their land since 1890, and now you can, too. Pick from 13 varieties of apples throughout the season, or visit the well stocked farm stand. Johnston

Jaswell’s Farm
Smithfield is often called the “apple valley,” and Jaswell’s is right in the middle of it. Pick apples and pumpkins through October, just as the Jaswell family has done since 1899. Smithfield

Steere Orchard
You can pick up apples, gourds, jams, and ciders at the farm stand, or you can head into the orchard and pick apples any day of the week. Jump on a hayride on weekends as well. Greenville

Sweet Berry Farm
During the summer, this farm may be known for its eponymous sweet berries, but come fall you’ll be able to fill sacks with fresh apples. Stop by the market-cafe for produce and preserves, or try one of Sweet Berry’s trademark platters. Middletown

Rocky Brook Orchard
Variety is key at Rocky Brook, when you have more than 80 kinds of apples to choose from, including rare ones. This orchard claims Aquidneck’s original “U-PICK” system. Middletown

Hill Orchards
Head here for no-nonsense apple-picking in rural Johnston, along with weekend hayrides. Johnston

Sunset Orchards
You’ll find grove after grove of apple trees, and you can also pick peaches through the end of September. Browse the shop for cider donuts, candy apples, and pies. North Scituate

Old Stone Orchard
This is a pastoral spot for picking apples, as well as grabbing a pumpkin (or other gourd) and some jarred preserves. Little Compton

Harmony Farms
Peruse these three acres of apple trees on a farm that dates back to the colonial period. North Scituate

Appleland Orchard
This is truly the land of apples, ripe for the picking. You can also visit the farm stand and bakery for a delicious range pies and turnovers. Greenville