Style Profile: Ryan Boudreau

A local actor talks manly fashion


How would you define your style?
I like to call it ‘redneck-chic.’ I love to hunt and fish, so I usually wear clothes that look good, but are also functional for the outdoors.

Describe your outfit.
The plaid is one of my signature pieces, especially during the winter. It’s stylish but warm and comfortable, and it’s easy to pair with different graphic shirts. This is one of my favorites that I got while traveling to Hawaii a few years ago.

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you ever got?
To dress for yourself and wear pieces that stand out to you. I love being able to see people’s personalities come out in the way they dress, especially when I can tell that a particular piece means a lot to them!

Are there any aspects of your work that inspire your fashion?
My work is really the biggest inspiration for my fashion. As an actor I get to be a different person each day, so I get to experiment with different styles. I think I take something from each character I play and put it all together to create my own style.

What movies are you working on?
I love to keep busy so I always have lots going on. In the past month I’ve played a crazed father separated from his daughter, a deaf man who has his hearing returned to him and even a cowboy in a spaghetti Western! You can also keep an eye out for me in Woodhaven Productions’ A Bet’s A Bet, which will be coming to theaters in 2014.