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Style Profile: Kristen Lazzareschi

Expertly maintained hair and cute style to boot


How would you describe your personal style?
Modern/glam with an edge. At work I tend to wear booties with a dress rather than a playing it up with heels. That gives my look more of a glamorous versus edgy feel. I love dresses and layers.

Tell me about your outfit.
I like to mix classic pieces with trends. I created interest in my outfit by picking modern pieces and working with my shape – I always want to look put together on a daily basis. I began with the lace leg wear and then picked out the pink top to brighten up the look and add some texture with the print. I tied it together with the black skirt to create dimension in the outfit and I chose the grey suede pumps to create softness.

How does your hairstyle and color affect your style?
Color and hairstyle can make the same outfit look so different. Hair is our best accessory and number one statement. If our hair is not the right shape or color then we don’t feel our best. I’m always changing with the seasons and the same goes for my hair. There are so many simple things that you can do with hair to create a subtle change within in your look.

I’ve been many colors and have had many hairstyles. I do it to keep my look interesting. When I’m a vibrant copper redhead, watch out! The brunette has more of a glam vibe and I’m on my way to being a blonde. That’s different for winter. It warms my skin up and makes me feel brighter. For me, long hair glams up my look and a shorter, modern bob adds a little more edge to my outfit.

What is the best part of working with hair?
I love my job and working at Studio 101. I’ve been doing this for 18 years and I’m always excited to do what I do. I’m creating positive change for people on the outside that affects how they feel on the inside. I’m very excited for our new color bar that is almost completed – it’s just one more way to make our guests feel amazing.