Chef Interview

Scooping up Deliciousness

Hope Street's Three Sisters is on the pulse of fresh, local food


A kid-friendly, adult approved neighborhood café, Three Sisters serves three square meals – plus ice cream! – daily. We grabbed a table at the top of the Boulevard with the management team, owner Michael Stern, daytime manager Jess Tracy, evening manager Colin Carlton and ice cream maker (can you say best job title ever?) Shannon Marks, to hear more about their summer plans.

Visitors have come to expect homemade ice cream and yummy sandwiches from Three Sisters. And now I hear that adult beverages are on the menu?
This will be our first summer serving both beer and wine, which we serve after 2pm. We carry a nice variety of red and white wines. We also have a wide selection of favorite beers, many of which are local craft brews like Bucket Brewery, Foolproof, Downeast Cider, Sixpoint and Geary’s.

You really have become such a staple on the East Side. Why do you think that is?
At Three Sisters we’ve always been deeply immersed in the community that surrounds us. Both our menu and staff reflect that in the best way possible. We strive to provide an oasis of oddities, whether it’s smoothies for customers finishing their runs on the Boulevard, or regulars looking to cap their Friday night with a Beer Float.

The farm to table movement – at this point – is an almost expected feature in area restaurants. How much of a role does Three Sisters play in locally sourced ingredients?
New Harvest Coffee Roasters provides the coffee and SB Winsor’s Dairy supplies our ice cream mix. Including the local breweries, approximately half of our menu is made of local or organic products.

Speaking of ice cream, it’s finally summer! What kind of new flavors are you offering?
We keep all our homemade favorites stocked all year long. But we’re excited to introduce Papa Goulart’s Tonic, which is mixed with New Harvest Fair Trade Coffee and Jack Daniels. It should prove to be a new summer blockbuster.

Are there actually three sisters?
Yes! Michael Stern acquired the store about nine years ago when Maximillian’s closed, and he named the store in honor of his three daughters. We began as an ice cream and coffeehouse and eventually evolved into a cafe hybrid, bridging the gap between coffee shop and restaurant. We now have a wide variety of food and beverages. And we keep adding selections we know our customers want, like burgers and fries. I guess you could call us a cafe of all trades.

You must be proud of how Three Sisters has evolved.
The staff here has come such a long way since the beginning. They represent who we are as a business and really strive to provide exceptional products and customer service. Business has been non-stop since April and we are so proud of our team for their above and beyond performance. We would not be as successful without them.

Perched at the start of the Boulevard, your outdoor seats are perfect for people watching. What other seasonal offerings are you whipping up this year?
There are several seasonal drinks and special events that are in the works. We are also fashioning a limited-time only smoothie to celebrate the return of summer. We’re always working on something new; keep up with us on Facebook.

Three Sisters
1074 Hope Street