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Tea and Crepes on Broadway

Schastea is a charming – and restorative – new addition to the West Side


Providence is on gourmet coffee and donut overload right now, which is why Schastea, a new teahouse and creperie on Broadway, is such a welcome addition to the local foodscape. Since opening in August, the restaurant has been inviting patrons to experience the relaxing and restorative ritual of tea – often an underrated practice – in a contemporary way. The menu features a remarkably wide range of tea offerings (nearly 50), each with a convenient description that novice tea drinkers will find both helpful and interesting. Make your selection based on mood (like “soothing” or “energizing”), flavor preferences (floral, woodsy, fruity or spicy, just to name a few) and, of course, your desired caffeine level. The premium loose-leaf teas are served in glass pots so that you can admire their swirling beauty as you enjoy the Zen-like ambience of this cozy cafe. Schastea also offers light fare including salads, baked goods and, most notably, over two dozen sweet and savory crepes.