Repping Retro Style

Trinity Rep’s Tom Parrish found a piece of the 1960s off Blackstone Boulevard


When Tom Parrish moved to Providence two years ago to take over as executive director of Trinity Repertory Company, he had a specific vision for where he wanted to live. “We love contemporary and modern design,” Parrish says. “There weren’t a lot of options for that style on the East Side. We found this beautiful mid-century home and we’ve spent the last two years brightening it up.” That includes adding hardwood floors to this room but not much else, in an effort to preserve original features from the 1960s.

“The great thing about the home’s design is that it’s all floor-to-ceiling windows on the back and front of the house,” Parrish says. “In the spring and the fall it’s like having the outdoors in.” It’s a cozy room in winter, too, and in a pinch it’s been the setting for various significant moments for Trinity Rep. “Last spring during the winter storm, we couldn’t do our season announcement from the theater as planned, so Curt Columbus and I did the announcement from here on Facebook Live,” Parrish explains. “We had thousands of people watch us from this room.” That season included the production of A Christmas Carol that broke the theater’s record for highest-grossing show by 10 percent, and the current production of Othello. Parrish and Columbus will announce the next season on March 20 – but, weather permitting, maybe not from this room.