Holistic​ ​Skin​ ​Care​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Whole​ ​Body​ ​at​ ​Age​ ​Less

Restoring skin's balance in Richmond Square


The caring, “wholistic” approach at Age Less Skincare to help clients reach a state of maximum skin health is rooted in the belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin, no matter what age.

Owner and certified Dr. Hauschka Aesthetician Wanda Bogacz will work with you on attaining an ideal homeostasis between your skin and the natural elements affecting it, performing each service by hand. Their signature treatments are designed to promote balance and restore health by treating the skin itself, not the symptoms. Their award-winning, physician-developed Dr. Hauschka facial stimulates healthy skin function by also addressing the body’s physical, spiritual and mental planes. Their enzyme peel series is an additionally award-winning, natural facial treatment that exfoliates the top layer of skin, removes dead skin cells and helps to eliminate signs of aging and imperfections. Offered only in the autumn or spring, the enzyme peel is a safe way to attain glowing visible results without the usual redness or flaking. Trained in Dr. Hauschka decorative cosmetics and enhancement methods, Wanda also offers makeup lessons and wedding services, using only pure mineral makeup products.

This year, they’ll celebrate their 15th anniversary in holistic skin care. They look forward to continue helping their clients reestablish and retain harmony in their skin's own natural functions.

Age Less Skincare

Suite​ ​306E Richmond Square, Providence, RI