Old and New Treasures at The Find on 6

The Find on 6 is a huge trove of vintage treasures


Nestled just off Route 6 in Johnston, surrounded by a picturesque mossy pond, is nearly 12,000 square feet of the widest variety of vintage and antique goods you could ever ask for. With several spacious rooms and additional seasonal outdoor space, the appropriately named The Find on 6 is brimming with finds of all kinds for your home.

The range of items and furniture available is immense. You’ll find all things great and small, as well as everything from casual, tiny trinkets to high-end china, crystal and cabinets. So whether you’re looking for something more laid back or more upscale, you can find something to your taste. They carry furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, as well as desks, appliances, chairs, tables, kitchenware, textiles, artwork and other home furnishings. The amount of gorgeous, well-cared-for wood furniture items is particularly eye-catching. There’s a bar packed with fun old mugs and beer glasses, and every surface in the space is packed with toys, records, instruments, books, games and magazines from all eras. A small clothing section offers various styles and looks. An outdoors section has offbeat lawn furnishings, like fountains and statues, as well as patio furniture and other outdoor needs. There’s an overarching shabby chic and funky vibe to the store, but it really does carry items suited to all kinds of tastes.

Owner Adam Wright describes some of the special aspects of the space. “What sets us apart from other consignment stores is that we do a lot of merchandising,” he says, explaining how it’s primarily a consignment store, but they also have spaces set up from 13 Rhode Island area vintage and antique dealers. Another thing that makes The Find unique is the sheer amount of retail space. It’s no exaggeration that you could wander for hours and get lost in it if you wanted. The store boasts several large rooms, each with very high ceilings, packed with all sorts of furniture and shelves with various smaller pieces. There’s also the outdoor garden space and a cool greenhouse-like room with sunlight pouring in.

The store also has a clear emphasis on care and quality. By the checkout counters, you’ll find tools, wood polishing and other restoration supplies to make sure you can keep everything in your home and anything you find at The Find in the best shape possible. There’s also U-Haul rental available, so if you’d like to bring in or bring home something that is very large, or need to transport multiple items, you can easily take care of it right from the store.

It’s truly something you have to see to experience, but to get a taste of what you can find you can follow them on Instagram (@thefindon6) or check out the photo gallery on their Facebook page. And if there’s something you’ve been meaning to get rid of or consign, this is certainly somewhere it’ll find a great home.

The Find on 6
2953 Hartford Ave, Johnston