Mod Meets Rocker

Providence's "Soul Power" man on his personal fashion


How would you describe your personal style?
Part mod and part rocker. Depends on the night. Depends on the gig. Depends on the girl.

You are a schoolteacher by day, and a successful DJ with Soul Power by night. How do your looks vary from day to night?
Well at school, I keep it conservative; I like to keep my nocturnal personality to myself. So, slim fit khakis, a tailored button down shirt, striped silk tie — classic prep look. Once the sun goes down and the moon comes up, that’s when my nocturnal personality comes out: lots of black, always leather, suede or corduroy, jeans and boots or a suit with a pocket square depending on the occasion.

Any tips on what to wear out dancing?
For casual events, I’ll wear a dress shirt and jeans both with a bit of stretch, best for executing difficult dance moves. For more formal affairs, a slim-fit suit. But for both occasions, always shoes with leather soles. Leather soles are essential for moving quickly across the dance floor, whether to chat up a girl, get a drink or perform a flawless spin.

What do you wear that instantly makes you feel more confident?
I love my leather and suede jackets. As soon as I put one on, I hear music and all is right again.

You always have such outstanding vintage pieces. Any tips on where to find such great stuff in our area?
Buying vintage locally can be very tough, but two shops I like are Foreign Affair and Rocket to Mars. However, most of my vintage stuff I buy online via Etsy or Ebay. I always keep my measurements next to the computer and always ask specific questions before buying or bidding. I never buy blindly. Never trust a generic sizing. Ask for specifics.

How does living in Providence inspire you?
Providence is a very rock and roll city. People here love the nightlife. Playing music for these people inspires me. Some people, especially the women here, love to dress up and show their most stylish and colorful sides, whether at a posh event or a local dive bar. That’s inspiring. Girls, keep up the good work. Guys do notice!

Jane and Jen run the local fashion blog