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Millennial Professional Group of RI Asks Young People to #ChooseRI

The MPGRI highlights how Rhode Island is a place where Millennials can take their first steps into the work force.


Millennials are in a tough spot. They’re the most educated generation in Western history, but have also accumulated the largest amount of debt (that education isn’t cheap). With a job market that is only just beginning to dust itself off, many Millennials are in over their heads with student loans and no job experience under their belts. Logically, these young people are fleeing across the country to wherever jobs are being offered and the gettin’ is somewhat good. In order to stay competitive, Rhode Island needs to create a desirable environment to attract and retain these young professionals, which is exactly what the the Millennial Professional Group of Rhode Island (MPGRI) intends to do.

The MPGRI seeks to showcase RI as a worthy destination for Millennials entering the work force. The group, which started in January, took a very Millennial approach and started the #ChooseRI social media campaign as a way for other young professionals to share their stories about making Rhode Island their home. They’ve been building a large network by hosting events in the Providence area, like their team-up with Providence PechaKucha in March, where nearly every presenter shared their personal stories on how they came to live, work and succeed in Rhode Island. Future plans are to create financial literacy seminars and a “Millennial Summit” event to provide further networking and education for young professionals.

So why do you #ChooseRI? You can connect with MPGRI on Facebook and share your story.