iPhoning It In

Connect to City Hall from your smart phone


You’re cruising down the street, windows down on a warm spring afternoon, when suddenly you bottom out on a pothole the size of Kentucky. You’re strolling down Wickenden, peaceful as a babe in dreamland, when a rabid dog comes barreling at you, foam dripping from its angry mouth. What do you do? Cry? Run? It’s fine to do both. Just be sure to use the new ProvConnex smartphone app to keep the City informed of your unfortunate situation. Who knows, they might just send someone out to patch up that hole or cage up that mutt. The City is now offering 24-hour online assistance via an easily downloadable app; use it to find links to information, forms, permits, applications and payments. Use it, also, to initiate service requests such as asking animal control to “control” the impending citywide spread of rabies. It’s simple. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, you’re instructed to use your GPS to notify the City of your location – particularly useful for incident-related service requests. You’re then asked to choose from a long list of issues including neighborhood, parking, street sign and graffiti. (Granted, for many of us graffiti is more art than issue, but that’s beside the point.)