Go Green

Providence switches to single-stream recycling


Pop the champagne corks and bust out the good whiskey, because it’s time to celebrate the death of Providence’s clunky blue-bin-green-bin recycling program. That’s right – no more scratching your head while staring at the two bins and asking yourself, “Is this considered paper or plastic?”

As part of the statewide transition to single-stream recycling, Waste Management is dropping off new 65-gallon gray barrels specifically for trash to all Providence residents; the 95-gallon green barrels (the old trash barrels) are receiving new blue lids and should be used for all recyclables, from paper to plastic to glass.
The City will maintain a “no bin, no barrel” policy for all garbage and recyclables collection: Residents who do not put their recyclables out on the curb on their collection day run the risk of not having their other trash picked up. Either adapt the new initiative or get left behind.