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Providence Pinball League Presses start on a new season


Time to flip out: After a successful first season, the Providence Pinball League is back, attracting “pinheads” from across the city. Hosted by Shelter Arcade Bar, the free-play gaming hub in Olneyville, the Pinball League is open to everyday pinball wizards, no matter what their skill level.

Shelter opened in the summer of 2016, wowing gamers with their novel concept: drink beer and play arcade games for free. Since then, Shelter has hosted concerts, emo nights, and other open events. The pinball league is a natural extension of this concept, and competitions were set up throughout last winter. (Last year’s series was hosted by PBR; this time it’s Narragansett Brewing). Shelter is packed with old-school arcade games, from Ms. Pacman to Outrun, and the bar is well known for its diverse craft beer selections and cocktails. But old-fashioned pinball features prominently; the row of machines is actually the first thing you see as you enter.

Not all league events take will take place at Shelter, though. The first tournament of the new season kicked off at Pizza J in early September, and more have been penciled it for the fall and winter. Check Shelter’s social media page for upcoming events. 103 Dike Street