Bright and Shiny

With fashionable locations in the Arcade and Smithfield, Flaunt Boutique just made your gift giving that much easier


Flaunt Boutique is certainly more than meets the eye. While it may appear to be just a charming jewelry, accessory and clothing shop filled with cute finds, there’s a lot more to it than that. When choosing products to showcase, Flaunt strives to feature charity brands that give back and supporting local artists and designers.

Amanda Doumato opened Flaunt’s original location in Smithfield in 2008, next to her father’s jewelry store, Ephraim Doumato Jewelers. What started out as a shop for trendy jewelry has evolved to carry much more, like accessories and skincare products with a focus on showcasing local designers and brands. She had been considering a second location when a friend alerted her to an open space in the Arcade, which according to Amanda was a perfect fit. The Arcade location features a number of products that aren’t available at the Smithfield location, like PINI, a youthful clothing brand with a California feel from Providence designer Nick Pini.

Flaunt is filled with pieces that – how else can I put it? – you’ll want to flaunt. Big, bright statement gemstones, stylish purses and backpacks and eye-catching, glistening necklaces and bracelets fill the floor. It’s great for gift shopping, with cards, signs, candles, perfumes, skincare products and beard care for men. “I like things that are really different, stuff that you’re not going to find other places but also the pieces that are current, trendy and what our customers are looking for,” explains Amanda. Flaunt carries a range of pieces at a range of prices. “We carry some high end things, like Atelier, which is exclusive. We’re one of the few stores in the whole country that sells it.” A big draw is also the local artists they carry, like Jessica Ricci Jewelry, PINI and Luca and Danni bangles, which are all based in the Providence area.

But, the coolest part about Flaunt is definitely its huge emphasis on charity brands. It carries a number of jewelry lines that give to a variety of international and local charities. So, the money from most of the fashionable products you can buy at Flaunt give back to a good cause in a big way. The Giving Keys is a line of necklaces and pendants with keys engraved with inspirational words and phrases, which works to help transition people out of homelessness. Chavez for Charity is a line of bracelets where each color represents the charity that it gives to – Dr. Susan Love Research Center for breast cancer in pink, Whole Planet Foundation in green, and more. They even have a special line called “The 11th Charity” where retailers choose which charity the money goes to. Flaunt has participated in this twice, once for Providence Animal Rescue League and again for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation. Luca and Danni also works with charities in the Providence area, like Gloria Gemma.

Flaunt is constantly having events, working closely with StyleWeek, so check their website. Flaunt also has a Mission of the Month in their Smithfield location, where each month, based on customer submission, they choose a local person/family in need and donate 15% of sales to the cause. You can send an email ( to nominate someone you know. Check out their website or swing by the store to add some flaunt-worthy pieces to your wardrobe, and do some good while you’re at it.

Flaunt Boutique
65 Weybosset Street #112 749-4849