Beerfoot In The Park

Trinity Brewhouse’s beer garden amps up Biltmore Garden in downtown Providence


How many things can you do, beer in-hand? How about cornhole? A leisurely stroll? People watching on a picnic bench? What about Bumper cars? That, we admit, might get a bit messy depending on your etiquette and zeal for aggressive bumping. But, while that might be a provocative, dangerous question to ask, Trinity Beer Garden in Biltmore Park tasks passersby with this challenge. Trinity Brewhouse’s newest addition to the downtown scene has made your urban park experience that much more enjoyable.

Stroll into Biltmore Park’s little patch of green on a Friday summer afternoon, and you’ll find Trinity Brewhouse’s draught beer cart parked in front of a hut-like kiosk. The operation that the famed Providence brewhouse set up looks a bit make-shift, but after that first sip of artisanal New England brew, you’re so thankful they’re there. Try anything from draft to can, wine to cider, and then take a walk in the space.

The beer garden was originally established to celebrate Trinity’s 25 years of brewing beer in Rhode Island, open Wednesday through Saturday until early October. Says owner Josh Miller, “I’m excited to have this opportunity to celebrate 25 years of Trinity Brewhouse while adding to the vibrancy of the commercial and cultural life of downtown Providence. We hope that residents and visitors will enjoy what we have to offer.”

The beer garden does more than provide customers with enjoyment, it brings the Providence community closer together. Patrons can be seen talking with one another over a drink or sharing corn hole sandbags and stations on the fake turf. So, the next time you’re in the area, stop by and grab a brew. Who knows what will happen?