Artful Decor

Stylish finds for your home


House Resale Gallery is nestled into one of Dike Street’s many rehabbed mill buildings. If it weren’t for its bright blue door, this purveyor of high-class home decor would be a bit hard to find. In fact, part of me debated whether or not to keep this discovery to myself because yes, it’s that good.

Once you’ve parked in the building’s designated lot and made your way down the stone-filled garden pathway, you’ll enter a bright and airy 1,000 square foot loft space that’s part art gallery and part shopping nirvana. While all of the items you’ll see are for sale, they’re also all strategically showcased to achieve that gallery aesthetic.

House Resale Gallery bills itself as “consignment for the home,” meaning that it sells pre-loved home furnishings such as tables, chairs, couches, desks, lighting and decorative accessories. Owner Kate Keizler hand picks each and every item, choosing one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find in department stores or at those second-hand shops where any and all donations are accepted. Some of Keizler’s found items are sold as-is, while others are lovingly restored. (She studied interior design at RISD and is quite adept with a sewing machine and some batting.)

I was offered champagne and cupcakes and encouraged to browse for as long as I wished (quite gallery like in my opinion). After a lengthy browse, I introduced myself. Keizler then asked me for my honest review of the store, which had – at that time – been open for just five days.

It turns out that my favorite pieces were all brought in by an artist at the Steel Yard. (I ended up going home with a fabulous industrial basket, made of time-worn metal, which I plan to transform into a hanging light fixture.) For those with more Victorian taste, there are tufted sofas with patterned fabrics and curved wooden details; for shoppers who tend towards mod, there are sleek ‘70s-inspired end tables and sofas that would make Carol Brady’s toes curl. Simply put, there is something for everyone.

Through volunteering at her daughters’ school, Vartan Gregorian Elementary, Keizler met her “right and left wing women,” Shanon Dilloway and Gina Mazza, who are now members of the House Resale Gallery Team. “[Shanon and Gina] have encouraged me to build and develop at a pace that can stay true to the brand, affordability and great customer service,” Keizler says.

They will host a grand opening event in early June. To be put on the event invite list call, send an email through their website, or just stop by. Keizler and her wingwomen will be there to welcome you with a cupcake and a smile.