The Look

An Eye For Style

Lynne Diamante talks classic pieces and the one accessory that adds mystery to any outfit


"The only rule in fashion I follow is ‘there are no rules.’ My style is a mix of classic and trendy. I’m not afraid of trends, but I never invest in them. I prefer to invest in classic pieces such as a Burberry trench or a Louis Vuitton purse. If I’m looking for a classic piece like a LBD or blazer, it’s all about the fabric. Labels don’t always matter as much as how something feels. 

"Even though I’ve traded my career as an attorney for a profession in design and fashion, I still hear that little voice that necessitates dressing crisp and properly every morning. That doesn’t translate to dull or boring though. Adding fishnet stockings and hot pink pumps to a pinstripe skirt and jacket can change the whole look.

"On the weekends, I wear Vimmia and Alo Yoga tights with tunics for running errands. And on a Sunday, you might find me in a maxi dress with a jean jacket for brunch or a stroll through Newport.

"In the spring, I dress in layers – a cardigan over a work dress and a lightweight silk scarf. My style is similar in the summer and I like ensembles that can go from day to night. Adding bold jewelry and strappy heels as well as a glittery or metallic purse makes workplace attire suitable for evening engagements. Sunglasses are the most important accessories, especially in the warmer seasons – they add mystery and detail to any outfit. I also like to position them ‘headband’ style on top of my head to dress up or bring attention to a great hairstyle.

Since I travel for work often, I shop in many different places and cities. Rhode Island has great local offerings, too. The StyleWeek fashion shows in February and September are a perfect showcase to scout unusual pieces for the following season’s wardrobe."