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All Hail the Food Hall

Plant City brings Eataly-type experience to Providence


There’s no doubt that veganism has gained traction as a sustainable lifestyle. The plant-based diet is said to curb or prevent diseases that plague Americans such as heart disease and cancer, help reduce carbon emissions produced by the meatpacking industry, and serve as an ethical, guilt-free way to live your life. In Providence, many adhere to this lifestyle and so the demand for a robust variety of vegan options is high, and the global enterprise Plant City is here to meet it.

The food hall, pioneered by vegan chef Matthew Kenney, was originally inspired by Lidia Basitanch and Mario Batali’s Eataly in New York City. The unique experience of dining in a market in the Italian wonderland is something that Matthew wanted to recreate with his conglomerate of stores. Set to open June 14, Plant City will include an expanse of eateries from all over the world. The building is laid out with several “concepts” in mind, with retail stalls on the bottom floor and sit-down restaurants upstairs. “There’s a little bit of everything from our existing concepts Double
Zero [an Italian pizzeria] and Bar Verde [Mexican cuisine] to a brand-new restaurant that we’re calling New Burger,” says Plant City rep, Charlotte MacKinnon.

What is most impressive and commendable about this business, however, is the marketplace. Here, the vegan giant will partner with local food producers and businesses to provide Providence with the freshest plant-based products available. The hall’s retail section will include items like dried goods, nut cheeses, and other unique items.

Charlotte remarks that this was one of the most exciting parts of the business, finding new vegan creations each locale has to offer. “We plan to source a lot from local companies – we’re already working on getting these amazing macaroons that are made in the area.” In addition, every restaurant housed in the space will source almost everything from produce to baked goods from local farms and small businesses. In a small state that revels in its locality, this vegan chain might just fit in. 334 Water Street, Providence