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A Taste of Thailand in Providence

Authentic southeast Asian cuisine is on the menu at Thailand Modern Eatery


Opened this past fall on Federal Hill, Thailand Modern Eatery offers up a taste of Thai street food. It’s got classic dishes like Spring Rolls, Scallion Pancakes, Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles, and more adventurous offerings like the Dry Spicy Chicken Noodle and Pan-seared Pork with Sticky Rice. Because owner Leo Sangadej is trying to showcase authentic Thai flavors, you’ll find that dishes are full of spice and heat. “This is my style of Thai food, and these are the flavors that I grew up with,” he says. It’s easy to tell which dishes run on the hotter side by looking to see how many peppers are next to the description on the menu. They’ve even got a super secret secondary menu with the most traditional dishes available. Currently the space lacks a liquor license, but guests are welcome to BYOB. Thailand Modern Eatery is a refreshing addition to the historically Italian neighborhood, which is continuing to expand its global palate one Middle Eastern, Mexican and Thai restaurant at a time. 292 Atwells Avenue. 272-0882.