A Providence-based Filmmaker Shows at the Cable Car

Watch local filmmakers latest picture Breakfast With Curtis at the Cable Car Cinema


Blending in with Brown and RISD faculty, Providence-based filmmaker Laura Colella is having a preview run for her feature film Breakfast With Curtis. In early December, the Cable Car Cinema will showcase Laura’s third feature film that she edited and directed in Providence. The movie tells the story of an estranged young boy, named Curtis, who moved to an offbeat neighborhood of bohemians. While welcoming him into their world, the heartwarming film captures the warmth of a community that embraced the introverted boy.

Laura has been named one of “Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces in Independent Film” and has won the 2013 Independent Spirit award for her films. While Breakfast With Curtis had its World Premiere at last year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, Laura says, “I look forward very much to the run at the Cable Car, and hope people will come out to experience the film with an audience, which is the most fun way.”

For more information, check out the Cable Car’s website for screening times during the month of December.