A Fully Clothed Interview with the Naked Magicians

A magical Q&A before Chris Wayne and Mike Tyler perform on February 25th at The Vets


Upon meeting the Naked Magicians, Mike Tyler and Chris Wayne, they apologized that they were wearing clothes. Their comedic banter back and forth was hilarious, and I felt like I was getting a sneak peek of their show on February 25th at The Vets. Although my boyfriend and I are practically engaged (love you booboobear), I can’t not mention the fact that these self proclaimed “magic geeks” were totes adorbs ...and also Australian. 

I started by telling them not to worry that although their show is 18+, I had just turned 19 so the interview was totally legal. They both laugh as I’m very clearly more than 19. I had about 12 questions for them, to which Chris replied “oh great, a question for every inch!” 

What magic trick would you perform for Tom Brady?

Chris: The Appearing Jersey Trick! 

Are attendees of your show ever brought on stage? 

Both unanimously: YES. 

Mike: When you come to the show, don’t come shy! The whole audience participates in the show in one form or another. 

Is your audience predominantly female? 

Mike: Well, since we’re two guys that gradually get naked throughout the show, our audience is largely female. But we do get some men at every show. Everyone’s welcome! 

Can you tell me the oldest member of the crowd that you’ve met?

Chris: We brought one woman on stage who was 92 years old. It was her birthday, so I gave her a quick peek of [his unwrapped present] and said “Happy Birthday!” She fell to her knees. 

Fifty Shades Darker comes out this month. How excited are you?

Mike: We’re more excited for the opening night of our tour! But the Fifty Shades series has taught me that although most women don’t watch porn, they will read the [shiitake mushrooms] out of it. 

What’s the naughtiest magic trick that the PVD audience can expect to see? 

Mike: The finale! It’s the climax of the show, metaphorically speaking. 

 I know that you’re both magicians, but if you were to possess a “super power," what would it be? 

Mike: My super power would be flying. I know it’s kind of cliche, but it’d be a cool way to exit a party. 

Chris: Mine would be invisibility. That way I could easily ditch a party. Or I could stay and creepily sneak around through people’s stuff. But isn’t take taking your clothes off in front of thousands of people a super power too? 

Which city’s audience has been the most wild? 

Mike: Well, first we thought Australia was going to be pretty wild. Then, we thought New Zealand was the wildest. Then we came to America, and the wildest audiences have been Boston and Providence. 

Chris: We love Providence! The Vets was one of our first shows, and we love performing here. 

Which city’s audience has been the most tame? 

Mike: Hong Kong, I would say. They’re not quite ready to let their hair down yet, like audiences over here do. 

Since the freakishly long length of your tongue is mentioned many times in your bio, Chris, how long is your tongue? 

Chris: [ Laughs ] Well, my tongue is actually normal in length, but I can hyperextend it. Here I’ll show you [hyperextends tongue so that it touches the bottom of his chin].

Me: Wow. I’m impressed. 

Chris: Yeah, I qet quite the reaction out of doing that. 

Mike, what is your favorite type of swimming stroke? 

Mike: The breast-stroke! But I have to say, being practically naked wearing only my speedo as a competitive swimmer did make it easier to be completely naked in front of thousands of strangers.

What activities would you not suggest doing in the nude? 

Mike: Cleaning, because you end up in some very unattractive positions trying to scrub the floor. 

Chris: I wouldn’t recommend cooking in the nude, especially frying. 

Mike: Also, don’t throw flash paper when you’re naked. We were at a photo shoot and I threw flash paper in the air and some of it accidentally landed on Chris’s....

Can you offer any advice regarding women to men without magical powers? 

Chris: Tell their girlfriends to come see our show! 

Mike: It’s true! We have had a lot of men thank us because their significant others came home feeling pretty randy after seeing our show. 

Do you actually get completely naked in the show? 

Mike: Though we start the show fully clothed, we end up naked. We promise.

The Naked Magicians will be performing at The Vets on Saturday, February 25th.