The Look: Pamela Rihani

Talking with Pamela Rihani, designer of Katima Jewelry, about timeless style and international influences.


Tell us about your look today.
I love taking pieces and mixing them together. I’m wearing a Wool Boucle dress that I sometimes double as a top. The bottom is a cool pencil skirt that has a zipper on the side. I love wearing it over these patterned Etro leggings to create a layered look. The boots are over-the-knee suede purchased in Italy a lifetime ago. I’m also wearing a necklace from my jewelry line. It’s made of an antique Tibetan lock and antique Hebron beads. It’s strong and powerful.

I love your use of jewelry.
There is so much power in how someone accessorizes. It speaks volumes about one’s personality. While I can certainly appreciate the beauty of a strand of pearls or a delicate gold necklace, that has never been me. I like statement pieces. I especially like wearing my pieces with just a pair of old jeans and a guy’s t-shirt.  I don’t feel like I ever need be “dressed” to wear my jewelry.  I take after my grandmother, who at 90 years old would put her favorite pieces of jewelry on everyday – even if she was just staying home.

How would you describe your style?
It is really important for me to be authentic. I can’t wear something that does not feel like me despite how fashionable it may be or if magazines say they’re hot. I wear things I love and that make me feel good. That could mean anything from a high-end designer to some weird inexpensive thing I may have picked up in my travels. I’m not methodical about the way I dress. It all just comes together very organically. I worked in the world of fashion many moons ago as a stylist, luxury retail buyer, personal shopper and for Giorgio Armani. I’ve seen it all and worn a lot of it. I love fashion, but I don’t chase after it.  

What inspires your jewelry line?
My jewelry line is inspired by all things exotic. I was really influenced by the beauty of Bedouin jewelry while traveling in the Middle East.  I love texture, color and things that feel soulful.  My pieces carry an energy that is palpable when you hold them.  The nicest complement came from a woman who said all my pieces tell their own story.

Tell us about the name Katima.

Katima means “powerful daughter.” One of my dearest friends came up with the name.  It was such an amazing gift because it really sums up the vibe of my line, the wisdom my mother passed down and my own philosophy of the power of women.

Katima Jewelry is available at Clad in Wayland Square and