The Wide World of PVD Sports

Going balls out from bocce to rugby to ping-pong


Whether you were a high school jock or hated gym class, we all know it’s healthy to break a sweat. And while treadmills, spin cycles and yoga classes serve their purpose, there’s nothing like a little competition to make things interesting along the way. As an adult, there’s no shortage of outlets – your co-worker plays basketball at lunchtime, your college roommate is late to happy hour because of his soccer league and your brother-in-law pitches in that Sunday softball league. But to you, these activities seem so... ordinary. You need something off the beaten path, something a little more exciting to drop at cocktail parties, all the while pushing yourself mentally and physically while having fun. To that end, here are some unique ways to get your competitive and cardiac juices flowing.

Balls to the Wall

Throwing around double entendres with the Providence Downcity Bocce League

The Kings of Pong

An early-morning victory with an East Side ping pong league

Getting Low

Fighting on the ground – and raising your confidence – with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Rough and Tumble

Tear up the field with the Rhode Island Rebellion rugby team

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

From Fencing to LARPing, there is a club for everybody

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