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The Look: Nicole Deponte

Designer/Owner/Necktie Maven, Lilian Asterfield


You’re dressed in your own Lilian Asterfield designs. Tell us more about your outfit.
My uniform tends to be denim, neutral tops and blazers. I like to keep it simple when wearing my Lilian Asterfield on the daily. Today I have chosen a high-low tank with sheer back and dark jeans as a backdrop.

Love the necklace. How do you accessorize?
I try to work around a theme in color/material/shape or focus on one statement piece. Since most of my designs are statement pieces, I wear what I love and what makes me feel good.

How would you describe your personal style?
This is a tough one since I have a few personalities in my work and closet… I’d say modern Victorian romantic urban cowgirl with a splash of bohemian.

Lilian Asterfield is an interesting concept. How did it start?
Lilian Asterfield started out as The Necktie Maven. My signature collection consists of art-to-wear pieces made from hand-draped silk neckties. With two large bags of ties in the studio, I dug in and started playing. I found that no one was engaging with neckties the way I was, and repurposing materials had been a theme in my 2D work. What truly inspired the concept was when I started thinking about the necktie, its history, structure, fabric design, suiting, the idea of empowerment, adornment, gender, etc. The engineering of the pieces themselves became another facet that I fell in love with and I could create these dynamic forms that were beautiful, mysterious and engaging. The collections are full of conversation pieces and that excites me. I love the idea of putting something out there that encourages self-confidence and storytelling.

Why did you select the West Side as your home base?
I have lived here for the past three years and feel very invested in its success. With the recent surge of vibrant small businesses popping up in the neighborhood, it seemed a great time to move out of the studio and into a storefront. My shop is not your traditional shop, and I feel that adds a nice flavor to the area.

What are you excited to wear this season?
Fall is all about layering. I’m most excited for the colors and cozy textures, like mixing leather with wool and silk as an example. For those who know me, hats, hats, hats! I am a collector by nature and it doesn’t end with neckties and fringe. I have an extensive hat collection that I throw in my styling mix.

Lilian Asterfield’s showroom is located at 379 Broadway;


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