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You rarely see all the Yacht Club flavors in one freezer – there are simply too many to display. So maybe you’ve tried the Cola or Ginger Ale, but have you sipped the Quinine Tonic, the Golden Ginger, or the Peach Seltzer? In all, Yacht Club comes out in 33 varieties; some of their recipes are more than a century old; others, like the Grapefruit Seltzer, are fairly new.

This season, there’s another reason to track down Yacht Club in all its flavors: The North Providence company is releasing a slew of colorful new labels. Created by Pawtucket artist Mike Bryce, the new portraits boast bright pastel hues and seaside imagery. Many of the bottles depict iconic landmarks, such as WaterFire, Blackstone Boulevard, and the Rose Island lighthouse. One of the most eye-catching is the Root Beer label, which shows a mermaid perched on a rock, gazing at the shore.

“I’ve been a professional artist for over 30 years,” said Bryce. “[I’ve] had the soda for years, and [Yacht Club owner] John Sgambato approached me to make some new labels. They went over well, and so it works out great for both of us.”

Yacht Club was founded as a family business in 1915, and the company is well known for its glass bottles and exclusive use of cane-sugar syrup. Yacht Club is also enthusiastic about recycling, reusing more than 100,000 bottles each year. The labels have always featured nautical imagery, including anchors, sailboats, and bearded captains. And while coffee milk may be Rhode Island’s state drink, Yacht Club is the state’s “official soda.” Bottles are available in restaurants and supermarkets across the state.

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