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Sipping On Summertime

Five local brews to cure the summertime blues


What would summer barbecues, baseball games and late afternoon walks along the coast be without an ice cold beer? It takes a barley genius to craft the perfect pint and, lucky for us, Rhody is home to many. We sampled summer ales from five local breweries and man, are we proud. Pop a glass in the freezer and prepare to sip on these all season long.

Whaler’s Brewing Company Ginger Wheat Beer

Atypical from your usual summer beer, this super light, subtly ginger-flavored brew would make the perfect “beer-mosa.” Dominated by spice and citrus, this wheat ale possesses a bright zesty flavor that’s “straight up delish.” Infused with or- ange peel that replaces a normally distinctive wheat flavor, this crisp refreshment is one even non-beer drinkers will enjoy. ABV 6.5%.

1070 Kingstown Road, Wakefield. 284-7785, whalersbrewing.com

Grey Sail's Hazy Day

It’s only appropriate that this Belgian Wit summer specialty, reminiscent of the country’s white beer, reminds us of a Hoegaarden. With slight hints of orange and coriander, the pronounced yeast characteristic of this easy-to-drink brew pairs perfect with a grilled bratwurst, hot dog or other cookout favorite. ABV 4.0%.

63 Canal Street, Westerly. 212-7592, greysailbrewing.com

Bucket’s spring seasonal offers a lighter tasting version of a darker beer, which transitions perfectly into summer. This malty, rich creation has a caramel sweetness and more malt backbone than its lighter sisters. This amber lager is anything but bitter. ABV 5.0%.

545 Pawtucket Avenue, Pawtucket. 722-1574, bucketbrewery.com

‘Gansett’s perfectly balanced not-too-sour, not-too-sweet summer ale would, as one staff member states, “go down like water on a hot summer day.” This light-bodied pale ale has a flavorful profile, yet a mild mouthfeel. A perfect beach brew, this subtly hoppy, blonde draft may be our favorite from the Narragan-sett bunch. ABV 4.2%.

60 Ship Street, Providence. 437-8970, narragansettbeer.com

Exceptionally soft and lightly hoppy, Newport Storm’s Summer Hefeweizen has a smooth, 100% unfiltered finish. Underlying banana esters add a sweet contrast to a naturally lemony aroma that alleviates the “obligatory” lemon wedge garnish. This ale is perfect to beat the humidity. ABV 4.5%.

293 JT Connel Highway, Newport. 849-5232, newportstorm.com

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