SHOP: Sustainable Shopping at Providence’s The Nest

Monday Night Shop Parties on the West End


When Charlotte von Meister and Danielle Sturm first sat down to meet over their shared passion for re-selling fashion and homewares online, they found they also shared a vision that went beyond secondhand retail: to fight the cycle of consumerism. With the initial intention of finding a physical office-studio space for their online sales, they quickly realized they wanted their location to do so much more. “We found our communal mission evolved to include elevating sustainable style while creating a physical space to host and grow a community of like-minded people also working towards that mission,” says von Meister.

In spring 2021, von Meister and Sturm brought their dream to life with The Nest, a bright and airy loft space in Providence’s West End. A celebration of creators, makers, and vintage treasures, the open floor plan showcases carefully selected, high-quality items meant to be  used, worn, and appreciated for years to come. “We’ve seen so many beautiful items hidden away in cupboards and closets, forgotten but with still so much life in them. We want to rescue all secondhand items so that they’re properly utilized and cherished, and so they do not end up in landfills,” Sturm explains.

To peruse their pre-loved and hand-made pieces, shoppers are welcomed on special nights for Shopping Parties where they’re encouraged to “bring friends and play dress up” as they join with the growing community of artists, designers, and innovators who promote and sell through The Nest. It’s no surprise the shopping experience here is unlike any other, as every event in the space is curated with the same intention of promoting connection and building an inclusive, sustainably minded community. As the pair puts it, “We are not a store. The Nest is a second-hand showroom and community space where we host workshops, one-of-a-kind events, photography studio
rentals, and shopping.”

In addition to workshops and events, The Nest offers professional organizing, second-hand item sourcing, sustainable interior design, and personal styling. As the collective continues to grow its community of “Nesters,” and open its doors to new collaborations, we’re sure to see even more creative and inspiring gatherings dedicated to sustainability, community, and shared purpose. Mondays: 4-7pm, 1155 Westminster Street Unit 220


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