Yellow Clover

A Flair for the Dramatic


“I love to travel and learn about different cultures,” says Sarah Prost, designer of Yellow Clover. Her designs are often inspired by those passions. For her new collection, Sarah has drawn from ancient forms of Persian theatre: shadow plays and opera.

“I was inspired by Persian shadow opera mainly because the music is so enchanting – old stories of heroes, love and sacrifice,” she explains. “Even though most of it is in Farsi, I felt like the strength in their voices allowed me to follow them through their stories. Shadows and darkness are so incredibly intriguing to me. I love mystery and suspense and when combined with powerful music the most wonderful dreams began to float around in my head.”

Sarah has applied that theatrical touch to her Fall/Winter 2013 collection. “Expect a dramatic collection pushing the boundaries between lingerie and ready to wear,” says the graduate of Canada’s Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design. Other dramatic Persian influences – like bold prints, ink blocking, tapestry art and basic black and white – will be balanced by Yellow Clover’s signature touches, like Sarah’s precise detail work and hidden, added embellishments. As Sarah says, “There is always something waiting to be tried.” Sarah Prost will be presenting at 8pm on Sunday, January 27, at the Providence Biltmore.


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