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Photographers do so much more than take pictures, and Samantha Holland is the perfect example: She is planner, stylist, sounding board, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and confidant. “There’s nothing more exciting than being chosen to tell the stories of people’s most important moments and days,” Samantha says. “Being there through the process, through the lives of my clients, is most fulfilling.”

Samantha has always been an artist at heart. She remembers begging her grandparents to buy disposable cameras from the drugstore so she could take photos of everyone and everything. At the age of 18 she graduated to her first digital camera and fell in love with perfecting the way she captured a story. “Art is subjective, and no two people will ever capture the same subject in the same way,” she says. However, it wasn’t until five years ago when her husband gifted Samantha her first DSLR camera for Christmas that her hobby turned into something more: She began shooting family events and photos like birthday parties and milestones, and finally shot her first wedding. “I was hooked!”

Samantha quickly built traction with her photography and has been published in multiple e-magazines like Rogue Photographer and The Creative Lens. She prides herself in not simply capturing a single day or moment, but telling a couple’s entire story through the camera. Then in 2020, a tough year for everyone, Samantha saw an opportunity. She decided to open her own studio, SAMANTHA HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHY, in the heart of her hometown of South Kingstown. “That’s when I fell in love with my work all over again,” she says.

With the new space, Samantha found the opportunity to expand her work beyond weddings. “When I started shooting Boudoir and seeing how the women in my studio felt after their session, I was pumped,” explains Samantha of the more intimate and empowering form of portraiture. “I was able to build a community of women to build each other up during the most trying time of my generation.”

This June, Samantha will be launching the Women’s Boudoir Retreat: Holistic Empowerment, joining like-minded women for a weekend of reigniting and regaining confidence, growth, and well- being. “Nothing feels better than having fun and making other women feel great about themselves,” says Samantha. “I’ve never been more excited about what I do, and the positive feedback from my clients has been transformative in not just my career, but my life.”

235 Robinson Street, Wakefield • 401-610-0774 


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