Raffa Yoga Offers up Mindful Relaxation

A scrub, a steam and the weight of the work week is lifted

Ever get to the point where you cannot adult any longer? That’s where my mind was. I needed a bit of indulgence, a moment to take care of myself. So, I happily booked an appointment for a Eucalyptus Salt Scrub in the Eucalyptus Steam Room at Raffa Yoga.
As I entered Raffa Yoga for the first time, they brought me to the changing area where they assigned me a locker. It contained a towel, t-shirt and a pair of shorts I could use at my discretion. Since I had planned on wearing my bikini, so that as much skin as possible could get the benefits of the salt scrub, I happily placed my purse into the locker and sealed it with my own unique combination. I was led down the hall where I met my masseuse. Luis Rivera-Maldonado greeted me with a warm smile, a friendly handshake and opened the door to where I would be spending the next 45 minutes.
We walked through a steam room called the Urban Hamman. After walking through another door, we arrived in the Eucalyptus Steam Room. I was guided into another smaller treatment area, given time to get situated on the table and cover any areas I wouldn’t have scrubbed that day. At the same time, the steam was turned on and the most heavenly scent started to permeate my senses.
Luis explained that the eucalyptus steam helps to open up the pores and encourage toxin release. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which, coming from someone with asthma, is a significant added bonus. Among its many other benefits, it relaxes muscles and helps rid the body of built-up lactic acid. But at the moment, it smelled wonderful and was the perfect way to ease my body and mind into a peaceful state of relaxation.
To start the salt scrub, he hydrated my skin with water, massaged me from head to toe, then applied his house made salt scrub. His mix du jour consisted of eucalyptus oil, Dead Sea salt, grapeseed oil and ground mint. After massaging the crystals onto my skin, they remained there for a bit, to let the salt work its magic, and then Luis rinsed it all off with warm water. I flipped over and the whole process started all over again. Total bliss.
Once my treatment sadly came to an end, I was free to roam their Urban Sweat area. Luis suggested I spend some time in the Himalayan Salt Grotto. I pushed open a thick, wooden door and was transported to a serene stone laden atmosphere at 90 degrees. Covering the floor were pinkish granules of imported Himalayan salt from Pakistan. Soft lighting around the edges made the rocks glow. I lay down on my towel for a few moments of quiet reflection. The salt is said to counteract the effects of electricity on our bodies created by our modern devices by negatively ionizing the air, among other things. 

After visiting the Salt Grotto, I moved to the Yellow Turmeric Room. Hovering at 160 degrees, this room contains burlap bags filled with yellow turmeric. Some of the purposes of turmeric are to reduce inflammation and aid in fat metabolism.
Once I was finished enjoying my time in this room, it was time for me to go. On my way out I stopped by the juice bar and decided on their Tri Doshic drink, which contained alkaline water, ginger, lime and pure maple syrup. It was delicious, light and really hit the spot. 
Raffa Yoga successfully put my mind and body at complete ease, a task usually completed via my love for red wine. It put me in the relaxed zone for the rest of the day and gave me the ability to step back from my hectic life and gain some perspective. And from that perspective, I could see life clearer and with a little more positivity. 
19 Sharpe Drive, Cranston