Publishing House

A College Hill Victorian is the perfect location for a pair of wordsmiths


When you’re a full-time writer, you can live almost anywhere in the world. So, it’s a testament to the attributes of Providence that Robert and Kathleen Thurston-Lighty make it their home. “It feels like these are our people,” Robert muses. “Every morning we walk for an hour around the East Side and are struck anew by the glories of our town and its fascinating residents – human, canine, and feline. We never tire of it.”

The couple’s work portfolio includes everything from penning speeches to video scripts to books, and for the past five years they have done so from an Eastlake-style Victorian. Along with an intricate exterior, the property boasts an outdoor space designed by noted landscape designer Andrew Grossman, listed among the eight best small gardens in the world by Architectural Digest.

Inside, rooms have a cozy academic feel, outfitted with books, maps, and art. The settings are welcoming via layers of pattern and texture in a warm color way. Says Kathleen, “We like velvets and tassels and buttons and pompoms… in moderation, of course.”

Favorite walkable spots include Books on the Square, Green Ink, Impact Everything, Simple Pleasures, and the Hope Street Farmer’s Market. When asked to define their decor, Kathleen reflects, “It’s not an intentional style – just the artifacts of our life. In a very real sense, our style has grown up around us as we’ve built our life together.”


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