Worth Celebrating

A baker’s quest to provide vegan and gluten free treats


For gluten eaters and gluten-free diners alike, the sound of a vegan cake made without flour just sounds, well…unappetizing – until you see one of Becky Morris’s cakes. One look at her Instagram and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Beautiful tablescapes are finished off with edible art. The cake centerpieces are adorned with edible flowers, molded into clean, crisp shapes, and decorated with colorful icing. It’s enough to make anyone become a vegan, full time. At Celebrated, Becky wants her customers to feel just that – special and celebrated by her creations.

“Cakes are a universal symbol of celebration, joy, and togetherness. Every special occasion in my household was marked with a celebratory cake in the center of the table. Whether it’s blowing out the candles on your birthday, slicing that first piece on your wedding day, or just eating cake for the sake of eating cake,” says Becky.

In 2017, Becky began her endeavor shortly after getting engaged in Italy. The idea came when she and her fiance couldn’t find a New England bakery that would cater to vegan customers. Becky recalls, it was a “lightbulb moment.” From there, that gap in the market became a full-blown business.

The entrepreneur says that her cakes are made to the specifications of her customers. No two cakes are made the same. Celebrated’s menu was designed to give clients the flexibility to make their own choices without restrictions. However, Becky recommends customers try her lemon layer cake filled with fresh raspberries and lemon curd. You can find Celebrated creations at Plant City in Providence, and Becky services all of Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts for your vegan confectioner needs. 


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