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We might be biased, but we like to think Rhody Mamas is the ultimate online destination for Rhode Island moms. We share everything from local deals and events to new store launches to giveaways and contests. We know that other moms are incredible busy, between soccer practice, PTA and a daily attempt at survival, so we find and discover all this information and stick it in one easy, accessible spot.

The thought of hitting the gym right after having a baby is about as enticing as eating a rock. Luckily, you can incorporate your baby into some physical activity in a setting that involves meeting other moms and doesn’t sacrifice your baby’s need to sleep. Stroller Strides is a total fitness program and includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment. There are a few Rhode Island based franchises, so for more information (or to start your own), check out their website.

Kidoinfo provides a hip platform for parents and caregivers seeking a sense of community, useful resources and interesting offline activities – not to mention the scoop on the best places for ice cream after a bike ride. A one-stop source for creative ideas, resources, and local events for families in Rhode Island and beyond.

Women & Infants’ Hospital is treasured resource for Rhode Island families (and not just the place you spent three days of what was the closest to a vacation you had all year, after having your third baby). If you’re looking for classes and workshops to prepare for baby, to prepare siblings for baby, to get ready for breastfeeding, postpartum help, safety classes or to meet other moms in the area, Women & Infants Hospital has it all. You’ll get the help, advice, tips and support that you need (and their butterscotch pudding isn’t so bad either).

It could put a real damper on your day when that sweet new trendy stroller you bought loses a wheel because your nearby oldest child did a pop-a-wheelie on her bike and missed the landing. Or when your baby’s car seat was once pink but is now shaded in crushed Cheerio. Bring your spit-upon, crumb-filled, wheelless baby gear into a Stroller Spa near you and let them make everything sparkle and run like new.

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