No Lines About It

A bit of Botox does a face good


I always get a bit restless this time of year. The end of summer, coupled with another back to school season for my kids, reminds me how fast time is going by. The lines around my eyes don’t help either. Crows feet not only make me look older, they make me feel older. While I can’t turn back the hands of time, I can take a few years off my face with a bit of Botox. Getting this line item checked off my back to school list just got a whole lot easier (and more affordable) now that my dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Mansolillo, offers it.

If you’ve already have Botox, pass go. If you’ve had it and overdid it to the point where you had no expression, go back to jail where you belong. If you’ve never had it and are curious, listen up: Botox is your friend. If done in moderation by a trained professional it will erase years off your face and make you look like you just came back from a month’s vacation. Regardless of where you stand politically, this is where you absolutely want to be conservative. Seeing someone you trust is key so that you walk away looking like the best version of yourself.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeff for years for all my dental needs at Mansolillo Dental, his family practice in Johnston. Last June, he opened Rhode Island Cosmetic Dentistry (RICD) with orthodontist and business partner Jason Izzi. With a shared vision and philosophy, the two joined forces to create an ultra modern and relaxed approach to dentistry and aesthetics. “If anyone can really be in touch with facial aesthetics, it’s a dentist,” Jeff tells me at RICD’s office in East Greenwich. The well-rounded practice offers the comprehensive dental and orthodontic services offered at Jeff and Jason’s respective practices all under one convenient roof. Cosmetic treatments range from porcelain veneers and teeth whitening to facial and lip fillers. “We found that patients already trusted us with needles,” Jeff says with a laugh. “Both Jason and I were seeing a huge demand for these services by our patients in our practices.”

When I see Jeff for my treatment, he greets me with a huge smile. We talk about my problem area and he agrees that Botox can make an impact. He uses a white makeup pencil to precisely mark where the needle will go, and within minutes the whole procedure is done. The small red bumps were completely gone in ten minutes, and in two days I could already start seeing a big difference. With a new sense of confidence, I can face September after all.

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