News Cafe vs. Larry's Lounge


News Cafe

43 Broad Street, Pawtucket

Have you heard? The News Café has become quite a hot spot for live music. We love the ‘50s-style black and white-checkered floor and the classic vinyl albums on the wall. Try a $1 Jell-O shot, a $3 plate of nachos or a Slim Jim for sale behind the bar. 43 Broad Street, Pawtucket

Keno: No
Bonus kitsch: Addams Family pinball machine and classic vinyl albums on display.

Larry's Lounge

2055 Smith Street, North Providence

Larry’s unassuming facade belies a dive bar like no other inside. Wisdom and sage advice abounds (“Women are trouble! I stay away!”), and convex TVs are hung in the corners. Ask for Danny, one of the regulars – he’ll make you feel most welcome. But don’t sit on the rocking chair with the built-in commode. As the sign says, that’s “Reserved for Sheila.” 2055 Smith Street, North Providence

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: Payphone, autographed Playboy Bunny headshots and a collage of pics from the episode of Brotherhood filmed there. 


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