New Initiatives on the Horizon for Eat Drink RI

Founder David Dadekian looks ahead to collabs promoting the state’s vibrant food scene


Rhode Island restaurants and food businesses serve up a vibrant tapestry of flavors, and at the forefront of uplifting our culinary scene  is Eat Drink RI. For nearly 15 years, founder David Dadekian has been on a mission to establish Rhode Island as a premier destination for food and drink enthusiasts. With a simple yet revolutionary goal, Dadekian aims to put the state on the map as a haven for exceptional culinary experiences. His passion is palpable as he shares, "I want to let people here and everywhere know that RI is the place to be for the best of everything edible."

According to Dadekian, Rhode Island's dining scene is distinguished by its "sense of place and community." From bountiful farms and thriving fishing industry to outstanding restaurants and artisanal products, the state's culinary offerings are "overwhelming in a great way."

Collaborating with Local Return, an organization seeking to help families and communities control their own economic destiny, Eat Drink RI is promoting local coffee and tea shops. Dadekian also looks forward to initiatives offering support for businesses impacted by local infrastructure changes, and the much-anticipated farmers' market season. 

Through their involvement with the local community, Eat Drink RI is a resource for navigating the ever-evolving gastronomic landscape. Dadekian shares, "I love to see what's going on with our amazing community and share it."

Dadekian encourages food and drink enthusiasts to connect and explore through social media, sharing and discovering the latest happenings in the local scene. With an abundance of incredible spots in Rhode Island, he is always ready to provide recommendations to those seeking unforgettable dining experiences. His advice to culinary explorers is simple yet powerful: "Get out there and eat and drink!" For further information, visit or stay updated by following them on Instagram.


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