Taste Test

Munching on Mac & Cheese

Sampling an iconic comfort food dish from restaurants around The Bay


Winter may have come to a close (finally) but that’s no reason to stop treating yourself to the occasional warm, yummy, carby dish, right? This month we indulged ourselves by getting our hands on some of the tastiest, gooiest mac and cheese dishes the Bay has to offer.

Spicy and Crunchy
A flavorful twist on a classic – this zesty jalapeño and chourico mac and cheese from The Square Peg was an absolute delight. It was totally light and delicious. A perfect balance of al dente pasta, house made cheese sauce, spicy jalapeño, sizeable chunks of chourico and just a touch of crunch from some breadcrumbs had our whole staff producing a chorus of a satisfied, “Yum.”
51 Miller Street, Warren. 215-3831.

Five-Cheese Combo
We struck mac and cheese gold with the decadent, ultra-creamy mac and cheese from Bristol’s Beehive Café. They offer a build-your-own baked mac and cheese and for ours, we went with roasted garlic, spinach, tomato, Arruda’s cream and five cheeses (mozzarella, goat cheese, cheddar, Romano and Parmesan). The five-cheese sauce hit all the right notes and the fresh tomatoes, spinach and garlic helped to create the perfect harmony.
10 Franklin Street, Bristol. 396-9994.

What a Catch
You can hardly ever go wrong when ordering lobster mac and cheese, and Billy’s certainly did theirs oh so right. This baked lobster mac and cheese was topped with breadcrumbs and packed with hearty chunks of delicious, fresh lobster in a wonderfully creamy sauce. The flavorful and beautifully presented dish would make for the perfect dinner, as one of our staff cooed after a few bites, “Yeah, that lobster is gooood.”
286 Maple Avenue, Barrington. 289-2888.

Kicked Up
The Buffalo Mac & Cheese from Family Ties brought back warm memories of home-cooked meals and second helpings. The ingredients struck a note between balanced and generous, from the creamy five-cheese blend to thick-cut pieces of tender spicy chicken. To top it off, a layer of spiced bread crumbs added that extra touch of crunch and crispiness.
221 Main Road, Tiverton. 624-2321.

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