Superlatives 2012

Most Musical

Extraordinary Rendition Band


We award this superlative not simply for having the most talent or playing the best songs, but for making music happen. That’s exactly what Extraordinary Rendition Band has been doing since it was founded in 2009 by a ragtag bunch of socially conscious musicians who wanted to bring music to public spaces. “We have brought a band to the Providence music scene,” say the members, “that is spontaneous, outrageous, weird, shocking, goofy, silly, serious, unique and highly motivated to use music to make our city a better, safer, healthier place.” Their signature “music bomb” – wherein they seemingly descend from out of nowhere on an event or place, play a few raucous songs and then disappear just as quickly – has made them a fixture around Providence. The band recently celebrated its third anniversary, having grown from six regular musicians to about 20, with over 40 musicians and dancers weaving in and out of the mix – and it still maintains open practices every Thursday night, when anyone is welcome to jam out for a night, a week or a life- time. The band’s latest project is ERB Labs, an “experimental music exploration” at Fete the second Monday of every month with a revolving cast of guests and collaborators. Summer is of course the loudest and busiest season, with festivals, block parties and myriad other events carrying right up the next Providence Honk Fest in October, so look for ERB everywhere. If you listen carefully, you might even hear them approaching from a distance, about to music bomb wherever you happen to be.

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