Most Delicious: Angelo's Civita Farnese

90 Years


When you think about “keeping it in the family” on Federal Hill, you probably don’t immediately think about red sauce – but Angelo’s Civita Farnese, one of Atwells Avenue’s foremost Italian restaurants, has been doing just that for 90 years. In 1924, Angelo Mastrodicasa started serving simple, delicious food from his native Farnese, Italy. His four daughters worked in the restaurant and took over for him when he retired in the ‘60s, and Bob Antignano (pictured), a nephew, and his family took over in 1988. Today, Angelo’s is still the go-to spot for family dining on the Hill. Oh, and that quarter you dropped to make the train go around the restaurant last time you were there? It goes to children’s charities in Rhode Island. Angelo’s has donated over $15,000 to date. We’ll raise a glass of house red to that. 

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