Most Athletic: Providence Roller Derby

10 Years


The most amazing thing about Providence Roller Derby celebrating its tenth anniversary is not that the organization has managed to last this long, but that the competitors have managed to survive this long. Simply put, these ladies are tough. But that endurance is evidenced by more than just the bumps and bruises they sustain on the track: they’ve also grown and expanded their membership, fan base and organization to a level that is amazing for what was a fringe sport just a decade ago. PRD’s home season has almost 50 women skating – and it’s not just the young students that made up their core at the beginning, but doctors, lawyers and mothers. Meanwhile the travel team has skated in competitions around the country and even internationally.

So are they planning anything special to mark this milestone? “Well, we can’t shut up about it,” jokes Sass E. McNasty of the Old Money Honeys. “We have a reunion planned for all of the alumni, which should be pretty special, different activities planned for the bouts and a commemorative t-shirt already available.” We wouldn’t dream of getting in the way of that party.

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