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MojoTech started on the back patio of CEO and Founder Nick Kishfy’s Barrington home, which it quickly outgrew. The fourth and current space is across from Kennedy Plaza and comprises two floors. Studded with glass walls with dry erase marker notes, MojoTech was designed to give workers a sense of pride and let them know that this is a place that cares about them. “We’re trying to create an environment where people are energized to work on new projects, learn new things, take risks and build things quickly but also of high quality,” says Nick.

Thirty five hours of each week are dedicated to client work, with the remaining five protected for professional development. It’s during those five extra hours where Mojos (the employees) give short tech talks, work on outside projects or pick up a book from the library.

The open layout reinforces teamwork with other Mojos, and is a reminder that even though they may be working on different client projects, like a more progressive platform for Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI, they’re part of the larger team as a whole and not siloed onto one client project.


Two kitchen spaces, cold brew nitro tap coffee station from The Shop in Fox Point, espresso machine, multi-use meeting spaces, showers, ability to work from home, standing desks, dog-friendly, travel stipend, library, privacy pods, chess boards

Office designer:

In-house team and KITE Architects

Building used to be:

Part of the Providence train station complex

Fun facts:

Conference rooms are equipped with large screens for Google Hangouts On Air, which broadcasts live meetings and discussions with clients or their Boulder, CO office and New York and Washington, DC satellite offices.

Staff members are called:


Where they are:



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